CSA Awareness Training

Introduction to training workshops for organisations supporting survivors of childhood sexual abuse (CSA)

Trauma Informed

Our training focuses on teaching other support systems how to be trauma informed in their approaches to treating people with trauma. 

This helps to support and empower victims to ask for the help and support that they need.


Sample Sessions

​We are offering free sample session workshops as an introduction to the specialist training we provide.

This training helps staff and volunteers to gain a better understanding of the issues of CSA and the impact it can have on the lives of adults. We help to empower services to be prepared to provide good support to survivors when required.


We also encourage collaborative working practices and help develop effective referral pathways and consultancy links between services.​

Childhood Sexual Abuse Awareness Training

As a local community-based support service for adults who are survivors of historical Childhood Sexual Abuse we are committed to raising awareness of the prevalence and impact of CSA and preparing support organisations to understand and support survivors

The aim of our awareness workshops are to equip services and organisations with a basic overview of the relevant issues around CSA. This is highly beneficial to service providers when coming into contact with adult survivors who are seeking support as it equips them with skills necessary to effectively help survivors. 

The workshops focus on improving service responses and supporting staff/volunteers to feel more confident when participating in conversations relating to CSA.

People attending the course will become familiar with and aware of the importance of their own personal perceptions, attitudes, how these can impact on the support process, and gain the ability to respond well to adults who may choose to disclose their experiences.

For more information about CSA Awareness Training

Call Gina: 07597998169

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Workshop programme:

1. Definition CSA & CSE

2. Myths & Perceptions

3. Stats, Facts & Evidence

4. Impact & consequences 

5. Barriers to disclosures

6. Safe support